Meet The Team

Here you can meet the team and find out a little something about each member:


Favourite Food: Ribeye steak and a glass of red wine

Favourite Drink: A hoppy real ale but tea if I'm at work

Favourite Film: Pulp Fiction

Favourite Song: Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Favourite Band: Rolling Stones

Holiday Destination: Anywhere I can go skiing!

Childhood Ambition: To be a pilot

Super Power: Time travel, life goes far too quickly

Swap places for a day: Bonnie, our office dog - easy life

Guilty Pleasure: Friday night takeaway, box-set and family - perfect!

Likes: Skiing, wine & beer - combine the three for a perfect day!

Dislikes: Sprouts, cabbage and soap opera

Proudest Moment: Becoming a Dad and getting my pilot's licence 

Paul is the MD of Complete Office Products and is responsible for developing the business. Away from work he enjoys various sports, socialising and relaxing with his family.  



Favourite Film: Scaramouche (a Hollywood golden era classic) 

Favourite Book: Where do I begin I have read so many

Holiday Destination: Anywhere by the coast

Favourite Song: Follow you, Follow me by Genesis

Favourite Food/Drink: Chocolate and wine

Childhood ambition: To be a vet

First job: City centre estate agents

Super Power: Telekinesis

Describe a typical day at work: Busy, but I love it

Likes: Reading a book, cycling, walking our dog Ruby

Dislikes: Vegetables and Fish - yuk

Barbara runs our Promotional Goods department and enjoys helping our customers find the perfect product to promote their business. Stuck for ideas? Give her a call!


Favourite Food: Prawn salad & marie rose dressing

Favourite Drink: Black de-caffeinated coffee or water

Likes: Catching up on current affairs and family days out

Dislikes: Where do I start! (Lawrence is our own Victor Meldrew!) 

Favourite Book: Shankly, My Story (the Bill Shankly autobiography)

Holiday Destination: Anywhere warm

Favourite Song: Nothing specific but I enjoy classical music

First Job: Apprentice in the print trade

My Perfect Day: A warm, sunny day in the countryside - nice and quiet with no interruptions

Lawrence is in charge of our Print Department and whilst he may appear a bit boring (salad and water - really?) get him speaking about anything print related and he really comes alive. Need help with your pantone colours? Stuck with your crop marks? Don't know the difference between a vignette or a vinaigrette? Lawrence is your man!


Favourite Film: The Hangover

Favourite Book: Nothing in particular but I do like most by Sophie Kinsella

Holiday Destination: Croatia

Guilty Pleasure: Fresh cream scones

Favourite Song: Graffiti On The Train by Stereophonics 

Favourite Food and Drink: Langoustines and Pink Champagne 

Childhood ambition: To be an Air Stewardess

Who would you want to be for a day: Britt Ekland

My perfect day is: Nice meal in a country pub with my family 

First Job: Local newsagents

Super Power: To become Wonder Woman for a day

Describe a typical day at work: Not enough hours

Proudest Moment: Becoming a Mum

Abbi runs our office products department  and enjoys helping our customers keep their stationery cupboards stocked up. Away from the office she loves the weekends spending time with her family and friends. 


Favourite Food: Rump Steak

Favourite Drink: Coca-Cola

Favourite Film: Avengers: Infinity War

Favourite Band: Slipknot

Holiday Destination: I would love to visit the province of British Columbia in Canada

Childhood Ambition: Professional Footballer

Who would you want to be for a day: Corey Taylor

Super Power: Super Speed

Likes: Football and Music Concerts

Dislikes: Boiled Potatoes and Rainy Weather

My perfect day: A day out at a theme park with friends and then a concert on the evening

First Job: Paper boy

Guilty Pleasure: Love Island

Proudest moment: Completing my GCSEs and being able to take the next step in my future career

Luke is responsible for the online and digital marketing of the company. In his spare time he enjoys playing football and listening to music. 


Favourite Food: Anything I can get my paws on...... my food, your food, I just love food!

Favourite Film: Marley & Me.... he's a hottie

Likes: Chasing my ball, gravy bones

Dislikes: Fireworks, the Vet and Jack Russells

My perfect day: A walk in the Peak District, followed by a slap-up meal

My worst nightmare: A firework party... at the Vets... hosted by a Jack Russell

Bonnie is in charge of 'Meet and Greet' and loves introducing herself to our customers when they visit. Away from work she's very much the outdoor type and enjoys running and swimming. 

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